Sam; "Take a deep breath, listen to your favorite song and realize everything is gonna be okay, nothing is permanent."

Momma of little Jeff, the 💩.

Anonymous asked,
"Did you ever wonder if Camila asked you a question anonymous but you didn't know it was her so you didn't pay much attention to it"

i’ll never know and i think that’s the saddest part

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How beautiful would it be to find someone who’s in love with your mind.
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watching a new tv show after hearing about it on tumblr and then getting addicted to it


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The thing I like about Faking It is that it shows Amy going through something that I think most lesbians can relate to… falling for your straight best friend. 

Lauren + Her phone placement

make me choose — Anonymous asked you: Camila Cabello or Lauren Jauregui

normani kordei + selfies in 2014.

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Hacked this awesome guy’s phone muahahaha!!!!!

I’m almost never serious, and I’m always too serious. Too deep, too shallow. Too sensitive, too cold hearted. I’m like a collection of paradoxes.
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make me choose cowmilacabello asked: ally or normani

Dinah Jane + selfies in 2014.

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Anonymous asked,
"i saw that troy's brother and sister went with them so ally was probably sitting with them"

to anon

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Anonymous asked,
"Do you know where ally was sitting during the concert cause all i saw was camila and lauren?"

she ditched them jk nope i don’t

i wasn’t there so.. 

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camilaurenlove asked,
"hi sam! happy belated birthday! omg sorry for the late greetings. hope you had an amazing bday!(: xx - dean"

its okay its okayyy thank youuu dean :’) mwah


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