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Momma of little Jeff, the 💩.

mom look what happened


stop fucking body shaming camila. stop telling her to “eat more”. that’s just like telling an overweight person to eat less. she’s supposed to be your fucking idol for god’s sake. SOME PEOPLE ARE SKINNY AND THEY CAN’T HELP IT. SOME PEOPLE ARE LARGER AND THEY CAN’T HELP IT. stop making people feel insecure for the way they naturally look.

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how is she gonna throw shade at a group who can snore notes higher than the ones she attempts to hit

macklemore has aged in the first gif

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@marielleguzman: She’s obsessed…

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"5h dont do shit for women empowerment. Repeating "Michelle Obama" is not female empowerment."




if you actually took the time to LISTEN to bo$$ it wouldn’t be hard to piece together on your own that the entire point of repeating michelle obama in the chorus was to name a woc who IS empowering to women. (the ‘michelle obama’ line is actually the reason why many radio stations have censored/banned bo$$) and there is empowering lyrics throughout bo$$ too so i don’t get the point in you saying that? female empowerment is literally what most of their songs revolve around, what their new album is going to even BE about, but i guess just like with everything else you know nothing about the topics you talk about.

literally ALL fifth harmony does is talk about feminism, confidence, and overcoming insecurity.




lauren retweeted a twitlonger about shaming women for what they wear as well too, just a few weeks back.




ally talking about being finding your confidence????



dinah and normani also touch on confidence in these videos (as do the other girls). there are MANY more videos where they are address it but this is just for an example :) 


(waakeme-up is camila’s tumblr)

and have you SEEN their #dosomething campaign??? (normani ally camila lauren dinah





fifth harmony don’t do shit for women empowerment though right?

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Goddammit Harry Styles 

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"in Bo$$ they're gonna be using Michelle Obama's masks, in Reflection a mask with one of the girls faces, and also there's one more thing that is really amazing but you're gonna find out when the videos come, and other surprises but these are the biggests"

that’s so cooooooool i hope the girls will have the best time ever and take good care of ‘em and alsooooo, you people take care okay and have fun at the concert 

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The REALEST School Advice Ever!

@camilacabello97: I just got kicked out of an interview bc i couldn’t stop laughing oops

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ya girl can see


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