Sam; "Take a deep breath, listen to your favorite song and realize everything is gonna be okay, nothing is permanent."

Momma of little Jeff, the 💩.

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Anonymous asked,
"do you have the link to the vine or instagram video of camila telling one of the girls at a m&g (i think it was the one in dallas from the at&t thing) is like the sunshine?"


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This is Why We’re Friends

Name: Use Somebody
Artist: Paramore
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Use Somebody//Paramore

I hope it’s gonna make you notice
I hope it’s gonna make you notice
Someone like me

i love how innocent we all look but in reality we read gay smut all day 

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@AllyBrooke: Laughing is so contagious I swear

@dinahjane97: I’ve been sitting here watching a movie and It’s almost done! I swear mani has been in the shower for an hour & 58mins ??? @NormaniKordei 

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it’s my birthday :)


welcome to my blog i hope you like lesbians

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@dinahjane97: Biggie X Smalls 

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i stare and laugh at this for minutes at a time

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Anonymous asked,
"Can you link the video of camila falling in a interview I think?"


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@AllyBrooke: Laughing is so contagious I swear


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